Welcome to the International Textile Meeting Koko Kirjo – The Whole Spectrum organized by Tekstiilitaiteilijat TEXO ry and Nordic Textile Art (NTA). The conference will be held in Tampere, Finland from June 8 to June 11, 2023.

The theme is colour!
KOKO KIRJO – THE WHOLE SPECTRUM consists of a seminar day containing professional lectures, excursions and cooperative workshops. The meeting in Tampere brings together the organizations’ boards, members, textile industry professionals and textile artists.

S C H E D U L E   O F   T H E   C O N F E R E N C E

Thursday June 8, 2023 Koko Kirjo – The Whole Spectrum Seminar (language: English)
Museum Centre Vapriikki
Admission: €40 for TEXO or NTA members, €70 for Nonmembers
The Seminar day brings together the organizations’ boards, members, textile industry professionals and textile artists. The lectures of the all-day seminar will open conversation on the use of colors in the history and in the future of textile art and design. The focus is on the sustainable development and the structure of different colours from pigments to bio based dyes. In addition to lectures, the price includes lunch and afternoon coffee.

9.00-9.30    Welcome!
TEXO Jaana Woll
NTA Lilý Adamsdóttir
9.30-10.00  At the Roots of Color Art. Reflections on textiles, gender, and intellect.
Educational Curator, PhD Leena Svinhufvud
10.00-10.30 Natural Dye & Pigment Methods
The Dyer of the Year, Textile Artist Ulla Lapiolahti
10.30-11.00  Bio Based Dyes
Professor, PhD Riikka Räisänen, BioColour
11.00-12.30  LUNCH
Lunch at Museum Centres’ Restaurant Valssi
12.30-13.00  Artist View
Textile Artist, MA Inka Kivalo
13.00-13.30  Artist View
The Textile Artist of the Year 2023, MA Laura Isoniemi
13.30-14.00  Artist View
Textile Artist, MA Elina Helenius
14.00-15.00  COFFEE BREAK 
Coffee & pastries at Museum Centres’ Restaurant Valssi
15.00-15.30  Predicting Colour Trends
Doctor of Arts Pirjo Seddiki, Inter Color Finland
15.30-16.00  Future Dyeing Methods, Iridesence
Doctoral Researcher, MA Noora Yau
16.00-16.15 Q&A
Thoughts and Discussions

Friday June 9, 2023 Textile Excursion to Forssa
Admission: €30 for TEXO/NTA members only
On Friday the participants will make an excursion to Forssa a town full of Finnish textile history. The cooperation partner is the Forssa museum, where we meet museum director Kati Kivimäki and museum lecturer Kristiina Huttunen. There the participants will become familiarized with colour, material and pattern samples from early 19th century archives. Afterwards, the participants will visit the local handicraft printing company Rykkeri. The price includes bus transportation, a guided tour and entrance fees to the museums and lunch.

Saturday June 10, 2023 / Koko Kirjo – The Whole Spectrum: Workshops
Admission: €50 for TEXO/NTA members only
On Saturday there will be optional workshops. The workshops focus on versatile textile processing methods. The price includes the selected workshop. The material fee (€10-€50) can be paid on the spot.

A) Workshop: Himmeli aka Straw Crown
On this course participants learn about the history of Himmeli and the basics of making it. Participants will design their own Himmeli or make one from the ready made models. Is your himmeli square or circular? Teacher: Titta Eräniitty

B) Workshop: ECO Print: Botanic Patterns
Eco-printing or botanical printing is a surprising contact dyeing method. Basically, it means that you print the patterns of plants onto fabric or paper. Plants are placed in close contact with the material and the natural dye from the plant transfers to the printable fabric or paper by steaming or boiling. Different colorants and auxiliaries can be used as additional effects. During the workshop participants will make their own botanic pattern. Teacher: Taina Keskinen

C) Workshop: Tufting Surface
Tufting on a fabric is like painting a picture with thread. In the course, participants use a small hand tool, a tufting needle, which can be used to get precise details. During the workshop, participants will make a mini textile of their own design. Teacher: Anna Puolakka

D) Workshop: Beautiful Paper Yarn
Paper yarn is an old ordinary material that has been used in everyday usage since World War II. On this course participants will learn how to use paper yarn in different kinds of textile techniques such as crocheting and weaving. During the workshop participants make a mini textile of their design. Teacher: Marja-Liisa Peltola

Saturday June 10, 2023 / Koko Kirjo – The Whole Spectrum: Get Together Cruise and Dinner
Admission: €30 for TEXO/NTA members only
MS Silver Sky Departure from Port of Laukontori. The price includes a buffet dinner and a cruise. After the cruise there will be optional traditional finnish wood-heated sauna and a smoke sauna with Swimming at Sauna Restaurant Kuuma Laukontori Square! Bring your own swimming suite!

R E G I S T R A T I O N   F O R   T H E  C O N F E R E N C E

The Nordic Textile Meeting Koko Kirjo – The Whole Spectrum is sold out! Registration for the event has closed.

Looking forward to meeting you in Tampere!

The conference is implemented with the support of the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Fund and the Finnish Cultural Fund.


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